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Virtual Assistant

(French and English speaking, 20+ hours a week )

We are looking for a special someone that can literally step into the shoes of our CEO, and take some of the burden of his shoulders, so that he can focus his energy on different projects, for the time being.

You will be working side-by-side with our CEO, so that you could get in sync with his ideas, make them happen, put them in the working schedule, so that the main goal becomes accomplished, which is: consistency

For starters you would make a one week activities planned in Trello, and if it becomes successfully accomplished, you’ll move on to some more long-term planning.

You will be THE assistant, so you will attain full access to email services, and manage them, as well as Skype, you’ll make payments when needed, and everything else that needs to be done on a daily basis.

– Rock star at time and schedule management so that every minute goes toward productivity,
– Has a vast experience in all administrative related skills aforementioned,

– You are young, preferably still studying and you want to earn that extra cash doing a part time job,
– You are blooming in motivation,
– You are a performer, not a philosopher, clearly understanding your duties and talk about payments in due time,
– You are a hard worker, but yet not a robot, and you don’t mind putting in an extra hours when needed,
– Long term oriented, open minded,
– Have an excellent knowledge of French and English, written as well as spoken

Project Manager

(French and English speaking, 30+ hours a week )

We are looking for a person who will be the glue that keeps all the parts of a project together. As a Project Manager, you will be the communicator with an eye for detail between clients, designers, developers and marketers.

Experience from the inside how a fast-growing digital media agency works, and work together with excellent talents. We are a team of individuals coming from all walks of life, and often from different cultures. You will be working remotely yourself, and It will be your task to guide these teams in project execution, from the very start to the very end of each project.

From talking with our clients, listening to their wishes
and communicating what is feasible, to leading our web-designers, programmers and marketers to the most successful completion of our clients wishes.

We value individuals who always want to keep learning new skills and can come up with creative solutions to our problems. We are looking for high-level-energy individuals who are focused on detail and finishing every job right.

– You are both fluent in French and in English, in writing and in speech.
– You must have already had experience as a project manager, or in a similar role (team leader, department manager)
– You are able to multi-task and manage your agenda
– You know how to set priorities throughout the day
– Experience in the digital marketing world is a big plus

We believe that there is always a fair number. If you’re really looking to start work ASAP pitch us a competitive rate so that we can get you on board straightaway. Your pay will rise steadily as we are satisfied with your work.
If you are looking for consistent work, professional and respectful team, and a company to grow in, then you are in the right place.